Who do you know? Share with us.


The Armijo Signal is always looking for new stories, new ideas and information that is about interesting people. We have some traditional story ideas that require us to know about people like you and your friends.

Can you help us by identifying people who might fit some of our categories? We’re looking for people who:

A. Have jobs of any type (Fast food? Retail? Clerical? Agricultural? Something else?)

B. Volunteer (With children? At church? In the general community? Something else?)

C. Are living far from home (In a new state? In a new country? In a new situation? Something else?)

D. Play a sport off-campus (Club team? Individual sports? Competes or just for fun? Something else?)

If you can recommend someone (or yourself) for meeting any of these searches, we’d be happy to know. Either email the information to [email protected] or add the name and topic to the comment section below.