On your mark…


Image by David Mark from Pixabay

On June 3, people around the world will be running alone together.

Tahtiana Foster, Staff writer

National Running Day takes place the first Wednesday of June. This year, that is June 3.

Citizens all over the United States, and even some in other countries, use this day to emphasize their passion for running. Others use it to kick start a runner’s life. According to National Day.com, the real idea behind this day is for the people to “place one foot in front of the other and with a set of pace.”

Any and everyone is welcomed to join, and there are many virtual runs available this year because COVID-19 has prevented group runs that are usually popular for this event.

To celebrate this day, it’s as simple as going on a jog or run using the #NationalRunningDay on any social platform. This could be used to show people what’s going on, especially in their area, and influence them to get up, block out technology for the day and enjoy themselves on a nice run.

National Running Day has been coming strong, according to runnersworld.com. Each year runners get to reaffirm their love and original dedication for running. It is also a way to step away from technology, get active and enjoy the summer weather. If you are interested in getting into the game officially, check out one of the links below to sign up and possibly earn yourself a little swag.





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