A fun movie that takes a different look at falling in love



Sometimes we don't recognize the ones we love.

Valeria Perez, Staff writer

I Love You, Stupid (aka as Te Quiero, Imbécil) is a 2019 Spanish Netflix comedy produced by Laura Mana.

The movie starts off with Marco (played by Quim Gutiérrez) proposing to his girlfriend of eight years who promptly breaks up with him. As a result, he decides to completely reinvent himself.

He gets back into the dating world with a new version of himself where he meets an old friend from school, Raquel (played by Natalia Tena). She and Marco in a way renew their friendship. She helps him during his adventure to get a girlfriend, although you can tell they have a reciprocated chemistry with each other.

You can probably tell by that what the ending might be, but it is still a great light love story. It has many fun scenes and really creative shots. There are, however, a couple of scenes that are a bit strange and awkward, but they are balanced out with some funny scenes.

A unique part that I appreciated about the movie is when Marco was talking straight into the camera, as if he had his own reality show, sharing with the audience what he was thinking.

The movie is in Spanish so most viewers would want to run it with subtitles. That may be one thing to think about if you not in the mood to read or that just isn’t your type of movie, but it does offer the audio in many other languages with the exception of English.

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