Activities to do while Social Distancing


While we may be restricted, we are still free to explore and discover.

  1. “Visit” a National Park virtually
  2. Watch live videos of cute animals or babies doing funny stuff
  3. Binge-watch a Netflix series on-line together with friends
  4. Shop small and/or local businesses online
  5. Learn how to cook or bake something new
  6. Take a virtual museum tour
  7. Stream a concert
  8. Start a vegetable garden
  9. Do a puzzle
  10. Relax by coloring
  11. Paint
  12. Build a model airplane, train or car
  13. Read a book
  14. Write a letter
  15. Start a journal
  16. Listen to a new podcast
  17. Host a family game night (or have a virtual game night with friends)
  18. Watch old home videos
  19. Have an indoor picnic
  20. Make an indoor succulent garden
  21. Make your own candles
  22. Use any number of video chatting apps—Skype, FaceTime, or Google Hangouts—to have a virtual hang-out with friends
  23. Log on to your local library’s website—many have digital options to explore
  24. Start a new hobby
    1. Gardening
    2. Knitting
    3. Crochet
    4. Painting
    5. Calligraphy
    6. Cake decorating
  25. Take an online class to learn a new skill
  26. Do crossword puzzles or other “brain games”
  27. Learn how to style your hair differently-online apps available
  28. Organize your photos in albums
  29. Hand-make gifts for upcoming birthdays or holidays
  30. Make a digital photo book
  31. Do a seasonal wardrobe swap
  32. Mend clothes
  33. Clean out your closet and put anything you haven’t worn for a year or more in a donation bin
  34. Organize your drawers
  35. Tackle a DIY project
  36. Toss expired food, health and beauty products and medications
  37. Make a spring-ready wreath for your front door
  38. Practice an instrument
  39. Make a bucket list
  40. Try your hand at poetry or song-writing
  41. Have a family scavenger hunt
  42. Start a new work-out regime
  43. Write a letter to a service person stationed overseas
  44. Write a forgiveness letter to someone
  45. Have on-line gatherings with friends doing a shared activity
  46. Cook or eat meals together
  47. Watch a movie or binge-watch a Netflix series together
  48. Do spa treatments together

Self Care

  1. Give yourself an
  2. Take a relaxing bath
  3. Write in a journal
  4. Write a forgiveness letter
  5. Relax with an adult coloring book
  6. Stream a workout (or try partner yoga)
  7. Practice mindfulness
  8. Meditate with apps like the one listed in the following link:
  9. Teach yourself a new relaxing skill like knitting, hand-lettering or stenciling
  10. Listen to music
  11. Treat yourself to an at-home facial
  12. Practice yoga
  13. Make a gratitude list
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