Photo by Pablo Merchán Montes on Unsplash

Just because you are together all day doesn't mean a special night of fun can't be planned.

Family Wellness Month, which is celebrated in May, is the time to acknowledge the physical/mental wellness and prosperity of each member in the family. It is important to be united and positively stable to grow as a family.

Family wellness can be different for each and every single family; the idea is to be healthy in every way possible, including mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. As we are still going through some challenges with COVID-19, here are some tips on how families can reinforce the stability of their health:

  • Family Fun Game Night!

Family Fun Night can be a time that is designated for family togetherness to enjoy each other’s company, even if everyone has been occupying the same space for days. Whether the family gathers around board games, conversations about old memories, or story times, it is a great time to refresh the commitment to each other and the point is to be together as a family.

  • Blooming in the Garden!

Gardening isn’t just a great therapeutic way to ease off the stress and enjoy Mother Nature. It’s also an excellent way to enjoy time together doing a fun activity outdoors! What’s a better way than doing something productive for Mother Nature AND for family?

  • Let’s Go Out!

Going out as a family is one of the greatest ways to create memories! While it can be challenging during the restricted times, going out to pick up a meal and enjoying a picnic in the yard, or taking a walk with the furry members of the family are activities that families can do together as they enjoy each other’s company.

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