Free Comic Book Day Rescheduled


Lena Rose

This Summer, beat the heat by being a comic book fan!

Tahtiana Foster, Staff Writer

In May of 2002, when the movie Spiderman was released, Image Comic Book publisher Jim Valentino suggested making it a day that retailers gave out comic books for free. Specially printed comic books have been made available to retailers ever since, so that they can distribute them to customers and celebrate the day.

Traditionally, Free Comic Book Day has been hosted on the first Saturday of May, although there have been some exceptions. This year, due to the effect of COVID-19, the event has been pushed back to the summer of 2020, with a date to be announced, but the plans are to still have a free comic book available for the day that the event is rescheduled.

The nearest location for distribution is Waterfront Comics at 609 Main Street, but you can go to to find other locations.

Organizations like DC Comics, Comic Guaranty, Image Comics, Marvel Comics, and Diamond comic Distributor have supported Free Comic Book Day because it introduces new readers to their products as well as brings back former fans.

Readers and fans of free stuff are encouraged to keep an eye out for the new date at the website and take advantage of getting their free comic book sometime in the summer.

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