Mojica siblings follow the same path


Ethan and Juliana are close friends but follow their own passions.

Diana Villalobos, Entertainment editor

Juliana Mojica, a senior and a cheerleader, has paved the way for her sophomore brother Ethan at three different schools: Suisun Elementary, Crystal Middle School, and finally Armijo, but the two year age difference has also given them time alone in each of those schools.

“We may not have any classes together this year but at least we are able to say hi to each other in the halls,” said Juliana.

Although they like having each other on campus, they also recognize some drawbacks to the arrangement. “She takes forever to get ready so we are always late to our first periods,” said Ethan.

“Since I don’t have a sixth period, I have to pick him up after school…” said Juliana. “I have to wait for him and he takes forever to get to my car and uses the excuse that he was with his friends.”

Outside of Juliana’s three years as an Armijo cheerleader, the interests the siblings have are somewhat related. She has gone viral on the TikTok app and posted the last routine of her squad, earning 2.5 million views. Ethan also likes technology, and also has a creative side. “I like to play video games, draw, or listen to K-pop,” he said.

This may not be the last time the go to school together as both intend to attend Santa Monica College although, as always, Juliana will get there first. She may also be the first one to take business classes, although Ethan is considering doing the same in fall of 2022.

Their half-sister, Trisha Passion, graduated from Armijo three years ago from Armijo.

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