Don’t go overboard on prom fashions

It’s not too late to win money for your Duck Tape design. See the contest at the bottom of the article.


While there are some disappointing options, this one is highly NOT recommended.

Mayhem Norris, Staff Writer

If things go as planned, Prom is only a few weeks away. It is scheduled for May 23 at the Regency Ballroom in San Francisco. All party-goers are considering what to wear to the big event because, for many people, this is one chance to make a statement! Choosing the right thing to wear to prom will always be challenging and maybe even frustrating, unless you wear a tux and or dress 24/7 like an actual lunatic. Please understand that wearing formal attire is not required, but it is recommended. This is a big night and you probably shouldn’t be wearing Uggs and sweatpants, even though you are in a mood, but it goes beyond obvious wardrobe choices.

Wearing anything too revealing in the back and short-short dresses are not allowed, and yes, these rules will be the same for the men. Remember to be school appropriate in other ways with the choice of clothing. For instance, don’t wear anything weed-related or gangster. Not only will you look out of place, but you will be sent home with no refund. Don’t wear anything overly elaborate and complex, this is a high school event not a runway. That includes cosplays, too. Don't dress up like Goku or Naruto Everyone will feel embarrassed for you.

This may seem limiting, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be creative with what you wear to prom. Just remember to follow all the guidelines and don’t wear anything that’ll get you arrested. And even if Prom gets cancelled, you can always make a prom ensemble out of duct tape and enter this contest (, so long as you have the pictures turned in by June 8.

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