Graduating with pride!

Sophia has learned a lot and is ready to move forward in 2020.

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Sophia has learned a lot and is ready to move forward in 2020.

Arely Demetrio Palacios, Staff writer

Sophia Martinez Aguirre will be graduating in June, but she has a lot to be proud of before that. She said that her greatest accomplishment so far is having better grades today then when she started high school. Her older sister Mariana suggested that, in order to live the life she wants, she do well in school and keep being successful. She has been following that advice.

She has learned a lot in the last few years, but it hasn’t always been easy. She said that it has been stressful being a senior because of the work and catching up when she has missed school days. She has tried not to be distracted by other things going on.

“Don’t be lazy!” she said. “In the beginning of the school years because it pays off in the end during senior year.”

If she had the power to make things a little easier for future students, she would want to see more and better electives offered, but that decision is out of her control.

Martinez has made a decision that she can control. She has opted not to attend college, but instead will be looking at starting work after spending four years at Armijo.

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