A new Mystery for a new issue

Do you have time to figure this out?

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Do you have time to figure this out?

Alaina Guerrero, Staff writer

For the end of the month of March, we are focusing on a Mystery Person who is a sophomore who has an interesting life.

On her free time, she likes to play softball and do art, especially drawing and painting. Her favorite color is blue. She said, “Any kind of blue, I love all the colors of blue”.

Our Mystery Person also loves Asian food. When she goes out to eat, she likes to eat at any Pho restaurant. If she traveled, she would want to go to Japan because culturally they have a lot to offer more than other places. I could learn a lot from Japan, she said.

If she were to go out, she would want to go out to the mall or anywhere you can go shopping, but if she won $1 million she said that she would spend it on softball equipment, get new clothes, and give some of the money to her friends and family.

We might be giving too much away, but our Mystery Person deserves the recognition. She is very proud of one of her accomplishments, being recognized as MVP for the Armijo softball team. She loves softball so much that she wants to continue playing in college. She wants to get a scholarship for softball and major in art. The college she wants to attend is the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

Our Mystery Person has had a brother who graduated last year.

The last Mystery Person was Alonzo Soria who remained a mystery during the first two weeks of March.
If you know the Mystery Person for these two weeks, email [email protected] to identify her. You will receive a free movie ticket for Edwards Theater. Only one prize per issue will be awarded. Journalism students or club members and Armijo teachers and staff do not qualify. Armijo’s Mystery Person will be presented between September and May. Submission cannot be taken during class time but will be accepted between classes, before and after school.
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