Fine tuning the work environment


It takes both Nadilynn and Cassandra to help keep Gordon's Music moving.

Alaila Morris, Sports editor

Nadilynn Crison and Cassandra Post have the opportunity to work together at Gordon’s Music in Fairfield.

Crison has been working there for over half a year, but Post started working there two years ago. They both agree that it is a good job and that is why they have stayed so long. “If you like music, know how to play instruments and are comfortable with being social, than I recommend the job,” said Post. For Crison, it is a great place to work because “this job has flexible hours, large discounts, and, since there are not many co-workers, you can build a better bond with them.”

Lots of people who come in are musical, although not everyone who walks through the doors is there to shop for himself or herself. “Weirdos constantly come in the store,” said Crison, but “it’s a pretty fun job.” 

As an employee, Post has had the opportunity “to learn how to play new instruments as well and get better at the ones I know already.” 

While it is a great job for them as they are in high school, both girls plan to continue working there after graduating. The hours might be different, though, for both of them. Post plans to work other jobs, too, as she attends Diablo Valley College, before moving on to UC Davis. Crison hasn’t decided where she will be going in 2021.

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