Which one are you?

Andrea Rodriguez, Staff writers



Kirstin and Kristin Siosen are identical twins with nearly identical names. Kirstin is older than her sister, but only by about three minutes. As a result, Kristin is technically the youngest from their family. 

The twins both have an older brother and older sister. They are close, even best friends, and they do share a lot. Both love to draw and play video games together, including RPG and multiplayer games. They also share the same favorite subjects in school: science and math. They do almost everything together and are always with each other. It’s actually weird when they are not. 

They were both bummed that they only share one class this school year, although most teachers confuse them for one another. They do share teachers for some classes, but attend at different times. 

Back when the girls were still in elementary school, they decided to prank their teacher. The girls dressed alike and switched seats and pretended to be one another. At the end of day they returned to their own seats, undetected. “He didn’t even notice at all, it was sad,” Kirstin said. 

The girls look very similar, although they have some subtly different characteristics. Kirstin says that she has her mother’s features while Kristin believes she looks more like her father. Be that as it may, only they are generally able to distinguish those features because mostly everyone else sees them as identical. 

Despite their outside appearances and similar interests, they admit that they are different when it comes to personality. Kirstin is the more social type and has an easier time making friends. Kristin is more shy and likes to keep to herself.

It wasn’t hard for them to share one of their mutually favorite memories. “It was when we were little and I was locked outside the door. I was crying,” Kirstin said. “Kristin saw me from inside but, instead of opening the door, she started crying with me and then we were both crying together.” 

For now, the two are inseparable, but the future is out there for them and they are making great memories nowadays to help them reach it.

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