The One & Only, Lonnie Kutil

A Royal from 7 AM to 3PM!

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A Royal from 7 AM to 3PM!

Adamari Delgado, Staff Writer

Lonnie Kutil starts off his day at 7 am as a Royal and doesn’t stop until school is over. High school is quite a long four-year ride, and Kutil has picked up a lot of experience and memories along the way. “Honestly, as far as school experiences go, I would say that it has been pretty good,” he said. “I feel like I have met and developed friendships over the years. It has been quite a pretty decent experience overall!”

The reason that Kutil’s days are so full is because he is part of the leadership program in the morning and plays on the men’s tennis sport team in the afternoon.

“More than anything I want to graduate. It has been quite fun and resourceful being here at Armijo but it’s time to walk and receive my diploma. Having my diploma will help me reach my future academic goals, which is to get a master’s degree in engineering,” said Kutil.

But getting through the last few months of high school will not be easy. “I will do what is needed to receive my diploma, but I’m not going to lie, I am feeling the senioritis at the moment,” he said. “Mentally, I have moved on and began to see closure to my high school experience, which is why I feel ready and prepared to graduate.”

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