Spring onto the dance floor

Ticket prices for the Spring Dance go up in March.


Ticket prices for the Spring Dance go up in March.

Annette Orozco, Staff writer

Tickets are now available in the treasurer’s office for the March 14 Spring Dance, a fun activity where students get to relax. Tickets bought by February 28 are $10, but ticket prices will rise to $15 and be available through March 11. There will be no tickets available at the door. The dance will be held from 7 pm to 10 pm.

Dance bids are required for guests and must be turned in at the same time as the dance tickets are purchased, but no later than Tuesday, March 10. Goldenrod passes are for local high school student guests (Fairfield and Rodriguez). Yellow passes are for other guests. Instructions are on the forms.

Mariah Rios is in charge of the organization of the Spring Fling. She described this year’s dance as one with a flowy and floral vibe. Rios said the Spring Dance is to remain drug-free and other rules will be followed. Those rules are clearly stated on the dance passes which are available in the counseling office.

At the dance, portraits will be made available for groups of friends or couples and attendees are encouraged to dress to highlight the Spring Fling theme.

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