At Work: I’m Lovin It

Giving little kids happy meals to make them happy

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Giving little kids happy meals to make them happy

Arely Demetrio Palacias, Staff writer

Kaziah Lee has been working at McDonalds for more than half a year. She works as a cashier, sometimes at the drive-through window, and does just about everything else there except operate the grill.

While it is a fairly easy job, it does come with challenges. She said that she sometimes gets a little stressed when there are a lot of people. This isn’t unusual as she only works weekends, but that is mostly because she is busy during the week with basketball practice and games. Still, the $12 an hour that she earns is worth the hassle.

Lee has already been chosen as Employee of the Month, an accomplishment she is proud of, and she is learning more skills to improve her interaction with other people.

This is her second job. Before, she worked at Six Flags, but she is not sure yet what she wants to do as a career.

Some advice she would give for people who are job searching is to follow up on the application. “Even if you apply for a job, always call to let them know you’re interested, she said.

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