Jacob Reguera , Youngin with Height


Kalea Sanders

Jacob Reguera ready to get on the court.

Kalea Sanders, Staff Writer

At 6’1” tall, Jacob Reguera is a power forward on the junior varsity (JV) basketball team and is one of the tallest people on the court. In total, as of at the beginning of February, Reguera’s stats consisted of 50 skills, rebounds, and 20 assists. Sports and athleticism must run in the family because his older brother Andrew is on varsity golf team. Playing basketball can definitely be risky when one plays as hard as Reguera. His worst experience so far was the time he landed wrong on his knee, almost damaging it while playing. Despite this near miss, he would encourage others to play hard. “Put in hard work and be dedicated,” he said. “Always remember it’s okay to have a plan B.”
Reguera is hoping that he has the opportunity to go to his dream school, Oregon State, and afterward continue on to the National Basketball Association (NBA). If he were to get drafted for the NBA, he would probably want to join the Los Angeles Lakers. “The Lakers have been one of my favorite teams ever since I was a kid, and they have a
really good organization.” If basketball doesn’t work out as a career, Reguera said that he would love to be a doctor.
Reguera is also looking forward to getting a job in a shoe store, maybe where he can sell shoes to other potential NBA players. His hobbies include hanging out with friends and family.

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