African Health and Heritage Week



Moroccan Stew

Jessica Huynh, Staff Writer

African Heritage and Health Week which runs from Saturday, February 1, through Friday, February 7, “was designed to raise awareness about the health benefits and exciting flavors of traditional African heritage cuisines, and to invite people everywhere to taste these traditional foods, whether at a restaurant, a special community event, or at home with friends and family,” according to https://oldwaysp.ort.

These events can happen at home or in the African-American community, wherever people gather together.It’s pretty fun because they make a lot of food and there’s a lot you can get, said Neveah Kilpatrick.

This event is important to the African culture because it shows other people about their best traditional foods and how to prepare them in a healthy, delicious way. It also encourages people to try different types of foods, especially at cultural events where they can sample different dishes and sit down to talk.

Celebrations are not limited to people in the African-American culture. Anyone can host, whether it is a small or big gathering, or attend any public event.

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