Ms. Fernald makes math easier to deal with

Ms. Fernald makes math easier to deal with


Christa DeLaTorre, Staff writer

Ms. Sarah Fernald teaches math in room B11. Her favorite part about being a math teacher is working with students and helping math be easier for them.

After reading The Thread that Runs So True when she was in middle school, Ms. Fernald discovered that she wanted to be a teacher, and she decided she wanted to teach math when she was in college. She chose this career because she wanted to help students with their math and she really likes working with teens.

Many of her students struggle with math in general, but her favorite lesson to teach is how to graph quadratic formulas. She also likes to teach trigonometry. She likes to extend math to the real word with projects such as working in the garden. Her class does more individual work currently, but she is trying to do more group work.

Her class goal for this year is that the students will get along better and work together on group work, helping each other learn more. She also wants them to be able to find a solution to the overuse of cellphones instead of doing their work.

Ms. Fernald has been teaching math for 13 years.

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