Sibling spotlight: Growing up together

Alaina Guerrero

ID Photo
Susana Munguia
Jesus Munguia

Susana and Jesus Munguia are both freshmen, and as twins they have pretty much gone to the same schools all of their lives. They went to Sheldon together from Kindergarten through eighth grade, and now they share the Armijo campus. After they graduate in 2023, that will be the last time they plan to be at the same school, as they have different goals for college. Jesus wants to go to Michigan State on a football scholarship, but Susana expects to earn some money after graduation so that she can pay her way through nursing school.

The best thing about having a sibling on campus, especially one who shares your day-to-day experience, is that sibling can help with homework and have your back. While that is good, Susana said that the worst thing is having a brother who is overprotective. “Jesus is caring, because when I talk to him about something, he listens,” Susana said.

The twins spend a lot of time together and they even share their fifth period Conceptual Physics class. When people see them together, they don’t always know they are related, but since they are together so often, people sometimes think they are dating. As fraternal twins, they look as much alike as any other pair of siblings might, but their bond may be closer than most.

Although they spend a lot of time together, they do have different interests. Jesus likes to play Xbox and Susana enjoys being on her phone.

They have a little sister, Camilla, a 12-year-old who is still at Sheldon. When she comes to Armijo in the ninth grade, there might be another story in The Armijo Signal.

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