Audition Workshop for Spring Musical on January 22


Link to the show information:


Can I do the musical if I’m in a sport?

Yes! You will just need to communicate about conflicts ahead of time, but we can work around that.

We have a theatre program?

Yep! And it’s awesome! And you should come check us out! We do a straight play in fall, a musical in spring, and improv shows throughout the year.

Do I need to have experience?

Nope!  You just need to want to be a part of the musical and we’ll take it from there.

Will I have to sing by myself?

You will need to sing a song for the audition by yourself, but it could be as simple as Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.  We have a music director who will work with you over many rehearsals to get you ready for the musical and if you don’t want a solo singing part, all you have to do is tell us.

Do I have to be in the theatre class to be in the show?

No. The class and after school program are separate.

When are the auditions?
February 3rd, 3-6 pm. (Or by appointment if you have a conflict on that day.)

Any other questions? 

Ms. B will be happy to answer them through email or at the Workshop!

We will have sign ups for all technical positions including design, stage manager, stage hand, and others…the week after the auditions.
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