Collections that are popular around the world and here at Armijo

Emily's collection of hearts brings her joy, just because they are beautiful.

Emily's collection of hearts brings her joy, just because they are beautiful.

Aliah York, Staff writer

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Everyone has something unique that he or she is interested in, and many people act on their interests by starting collections.  Some people like to collect intricate seashells, cool rocks and other interesting things that they find on the ground, but there are also people who have very unusual collections like back-scratchers and troll dolls.  No matter how strange your interest is, you can always start a collection of your own.

The most popular item to collect is comic books.  Bob Bretall of Mission Viejo, California, has the largest comic book collection in the world, with 101,822 different books.

The second most popular collectible is coins.  The biggest coin collection in the world belongs to the Smithsonian Museum, with more than 1.6 million coins.

More very popular collectibles are classic cars, trading cards, and dolls.  A lot of people start collecting these things when they are young, just playing with their toys. As they grow older, it becomes an interest for them to start collecting.

What are the students at Armijo collecting?  Well, Emily Garcia-Sánchez is obsessed with collecting hearts.  “For as long as I can remember I’ve loved hearts,” she said. “They don’t necessarily have a deep meaning to me, but they’re an interesting shape and for some reason they just really catch my eye.  I love anything heart-shaped; I have heart pillows, papier-mâché hearts, heart bags, and even more.”

Another student with an interest in collecting is Melanie Mataban, who collects cards from her family members.  “I like to save all of the cards that I get from my family because it’s a nice way to remember my relatives that I don’t get to see all of the time, and it reminds me of the good moments that I’ve shared with my family,” Mataban said. Her card collection is a great example of how collections can have a lot of sentimental value and can be very important to a person.

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