Sports are just a part of it


Photo by Dave Adamson on Unsplash

Mia Lozano, Staff writer

I like being a P.E. teacher because I like to help contribute to the success of the youth,” said Mr. Javier Zaragosa, one of the newer teachers on the Armijo campus.

Before becoming a P.E. teacher, Mr. Zaragosa had a few different jobs, including selling hats at hat clubs and substitute teaching for the Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District.

He played football when he was a student, two years at Los Medanos Community College and finishing out his student career as a California Lutheran University Kingsman.

Mr. Zaragosa – or Mr. Z, as he is referred to – enjoys working out, eating, bowling and hiking in his free time. He also enjoys football. “̈If I could change my job, I would be a sports broadcaster, or a broadcaster for a sports talk show,” said Mr. Zaragosa. Another thing I would be is a football player.”

Through hard work and effort, skills developed over his years as an athlete, Mr. Zaragosa strives to be consistent in his work and his lifestyle.

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