Tokyo Summer Olympics 2020


Photo by Charles on Unsplash

Athletes around the world will be going for the gold this summer!

Yakira Hollis, Fundraising editor

The Olympic Games occur every four years, each in a different place around the world. For many athletes, this worldwide event is a huge moment in their career and being able to attend the world’s biggest sport competition. Many iconic strides in the world of athletics have been achieved over the years, such as Jesse Owen, an African-American male in the 1936 Berlin Olympics, whom many saw as less capable because of his skin tone, went onto win four gold medals.

The Olympic Games originated with the Greeks from 776 BBC – 393 AD. It wasn’t until centuries later when the Olympics returned in 1896 through the efforts of a French man named Baron Pierre de Coubertin.

The modern games are held in honor of the ancient origins of the Olympic Games, which were also held every four years, in Olympia, Greece. In the modern games, women were not allowed to participate in any of the sports until 1900, and people of African descent were not allowed in the Olympics until 1930s. In Tokyo’s 2020 Olympics, there will be 206 countries and 11,000 athletes contending. It will begin on July 24 and will continue until August 9, 2020.

This year, the Olympic committee has added five more sports: Softball, Karate, Skateboard, Sport Climbing, and Surfing. Student athlete Jasmyn Potier, who plays for Armijo’s badminton team, said, “I’m excited to see the women in this year’s gymnastics and softball since that came back after 12 years.”

Tokyo’s National Stadium will be completed in November it cost $1 billion to build, and tickets for the event are $237.73 and up, with most tickets reserved for Tokyo residents.

Some famous athletes who will participate are Simone Biles (USA Gymnast), David Boudia (US Diver), Jordan Burroughs (US Wrestler), and many others from around the world. Jordan Burroughs said, “Every Olympic Games gets bigger. There’s more responsibility, but more excitement. More fanfare, more sponsors, more opportunity. I think it’s the biggest spectacle in the world.”

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