Meeting deadlines can pay off through 2020


All it takes is a good entry to win big, but you can't win if you don't enter.

Lunabella Peralta, Events editor

Contests are a fun way to display your talents to your family and friends. Whether it be art, music, or an academic talent a contest can be a chance to show off what you know. Entering a contest can also be a new tradition for your new year to expose yourself to other talented artist. ¨I think it’s good for people to showcase their talents because if youŕe good at something you should be able to showcase it,¨ said Sophia Cunanan.

Photography is a popular category and the New York Center for Photographic Art is holding a contest for pieces revolving around water. You can enter no matter your location by sending your work through email. There’s an entry fee of $35 and website for submission. There will be 10 cash prize winners, 15 Juror Selections, and 20 honorable mentions. If youŕe interested in this contest visit for more details on how to enter. The deadline to enter is January 26, 2020.

A poster creating contest by is available for California teens 14 to 18. This contest is a great way to show your artistic and creative abilities to create a poster about the topic of safe jobs for youth. Three lucky winners will receive cash prizes and recognition of their design. The deadline to enter is January 2, 2020. If youŕe interested you can visit to learn more on how to enter.

If you ́re interested in writing contests, the New York Times is hosting their Annual Connections Contest. In this contest you will be asked to write about something you’re learning in school and connect it to an article from the New York Times. The deadline is January 21, 2020. To find out more including how to submit your work visit .

Contests help people “get out of their comfort zone and explore new things that they might have not considered beforehand, ̈ said Dolores Almanza.

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