Start the year by trying to identify the latest Mystery Person

Even though she owned the month of December, nobody was able to identify Ariel Williams.

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Even though she owned the month of December, nobody was able to identify Ariel Williams.

Andrea Jacinto

The first Mystery Person of 2020 is a junior girl who enjoys playing soccer on the varsity team at Armijo. She also enjoys cooking with her friends and playing the piano.

Her favorite colors are blue and red.

This girl wears glasses and has long black hair and brown eyes. She favors styles from GAP and Vans.

She plans to go to college when she graduates in June 2021 and pursuing a degree in the medical field so that she can become a surgeon assistant. Her favorite class at Armijo is sports medicine and her favorite food is burritos.

Our Mystery Person has a lot of close friends, including one she met in elementary school and another she met in middle school.

She has five sisters in varying degrees, including half-sisters, full sisters and step-sisters.

She grew up listening to almost every type of music so there is no specific genre that she favors.

She likes travelling but she does not have a specific summer destination. In fact, she said that if she could travel over the summer, she would go anywhere. “Wherever I land, I don’t mind, she said. When she’s not traveling, though, she likes staying at home and watching movies.

The last Mystery Person was Ariel Williams who remained a mystery during the entire month of December.

If you know the Mystery Person for these two weeks, be the first person to go to G-10 to identify him or her. You will receive a free movie ticket for Edwards Theater. Only one prize per issue will be awarded. Journalism students or club members and Armijo teachers and staff do not qualify. Armijo’s Mystery Person will be presented between September and May. Submission cannot be taken during class time but will be accepted between classes, before and after school.

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