A Love Letter for You 4 is worth turning up

Trippie's front cover to this album.


Trippie's front cover to this album.

Nick Eller, Staff Writer

Trippie Redd’s album A Love Letter to You 4 may not be everyone’s favorite, but it could be worth listening to.
Audrey Newton hasn’t listened to this new album yet “because I don’t like Trippie that much,” she said. “I do have Death and 6 Kiss on my playlist, though. I really liked those two.” A Love Letter to You 4 has 21 songs and it was released November 26. It is a melodic rap album. The most popular song on the album currently is Death featuring Dababy, with 13 million views on YouTube. The song became really popular because it was used in memes on popular apps like Instagram and TicTok. Trippie started his career in 2015 releasing a couple tracks, including Manu Ginobili which he recorded when he was 14. He released these songs on multiple streaming platforms, primarily SoundCloud.

Over time, he would have minor success and garner acouple thousand views a song. The song that blew him up was Dark Knight Dummo. People liked his unique melodic rap which, at the time, was only starting to become popular. He also had collabs with rappers 6ix9ine (rat) and xxxtentacion, which definitely brought him into the mainstream. A Love Letter to You 4 is Trippie’s sixth album, and his second this year. In 2020, it will be five years since he started rapping and this latest album is his first album to go to #1 on the Billboard 100.

My favorite songs on the album are Can You Rap Like Me Pt.2, Till the End, Death, and Who Needs Love. “Honestly, I wasn’t feeling this album too much,” said Roman Carillo. “I didn’t even get to finish it yet, but my favorite song has to be Who Needs Love. I would rate this a 6/10. I don’t like longer albums and am not the biggest fan of Trippie Redd, but this album took me by surprise. If you have time, you should definitely listen to it .

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