Siblings find comfort in a new country


Photo by pina messina on Unsplash

Mexico is known for many things, but the Flores siblings are learning more about the United States.

In September, the Flores family moved here from Mexico. “It was very beautiful,” said Maria Flores. She and her sister Sandra agreed that they moved from their home country because of the insecurity, though.

The girls shared that what they miss the most is their friends from home, and Maria shared more things: “My school, the ranches, part of my family and the activities that I was used to,” she said. While all of those needed to be left behand, she is grateful for the friends and activities that she has found at Armijo.

Sandra is really grateful for the classes that she has at Armijo, but she doesn’t know what she will do after she graduates. Maria, on the other hand, is planning to study for a career, but she isn’t sure where she will go to college yet.

Both girls like music. Sandra’s favorite genre is K-Pop, but Maria said that she likes electronic, pop, rap and rock. Maria also said that she wants to move back home someday, while Sandra is not so sure.

The family also has a brother, Hiseal, on campus, but he chose not to respond to an interview.

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