Senior Spotlight: Andy Cabral

Andy is looking at his future and he can see it getting closer.

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Andy is looking at his future and he can see it getting closer.

Arely Demetrio, Staff writer

Andy Cabral can see the light at the end of the year. He’s starting 2020 as a senior in high school but he hopes to end it as a freshman at either UC Davis or Sacramento State.

Graduation can be bittersweet, though. While this is only his second year at Armijo, he has made a lot of connections on the campus and said that he was going to miss his friends and some of the teachers. “I don’t hate this school or have anything against it,” he said, knowing that he will have a fresh start in a new location by the end of the year.

Cabral wants to attend college in the fall because he wants to be in charge of his destiny. He has plans of creating a better future and knows that he can make better money with a degree. Because he is interested in working in the automotive industry, perhaps in auto collision repair and body, he might pursue a degree that will help him with that goal.

That goal has been important to Cabral for a while. He sees among his greatest achievements passing his classes and getting his driver’s license. Cabral’s car is a priority to him and he enjoys maintaining it. He also enjoys listening to music when he has free time.

His whole life Cabral has been influenced by his Father who has given him good advice. He said that his father is the one person that he can talk to because he never lets him down.

Before he graduates, he hopes that new students might heed his advice: “Don’t skip classes, don’t fail your classes or you will have to take them again,” he said. “Be happy and positive.”

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