Senior Spotlight: Emily Morales


Adamari Delgado, Senior News editor

Emily Morales is getting ready for her last semester at Armijo High School. She is a bright student that has been an Armijo Indian, and now a Royal, since her freshman year.

Morales hasn’t been in any extracurricular activities over the years, but she has made a lot of friends over the years.

One of the things Morales hopes to take advantage of before wrapping up her senior year is prom. “Definitely one thing I am looking forward to going to is prom!” she said. “I can’t miss out on that!”

She has already set her mind on staying on task and working to be on top of her school work. “Mainly, I like to stick to my school work and get good grades. That is like my priority, although, I’m not going to lie, I feel like I have been experiencing ‘senioritis’ due to the stress with school work and college planning, but also mostly because it’s my last
year of high school,” she said.

Morales has had the best high school experiences she could ever imagine, but there is one thing she won’t miss, having to wake up very early for school.

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