Club Focuses: Guitar Club

Mayhem Norris:, Staff writer

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Those who know how to play guitar or ukulele, and those who want to learn, have no reason to be bored at lunch, especially during Tuesdays and Thursdays. That’s when Guitar Club meets in room A-5.

Participants will be able to play to their hearts’ content and chat with fellow musicians. Sometimes, the adviser Mr. Michael Blum will play a video for students to learn and practice their chords or specific songs. He’ll usually practice guitar with people, when he has the time. “Music is the gate to the soul,” said Mr. Blum.

Guitar Club is by far the easiest club to get into, so long as people bring their stringed instruments, making it helpful for people who have issues with commitment (only club commitment).

Mr. Blum started the club a decade ago, and it is still going strong today. When the club started, the principal at the time, Mr. Eric Trenton, gave the okay to Mr. Blum to make this fun club.

Mr. Blum wants the club completely fund-free, possibly because he saw movies of musicians and stars becoming corrupted with money, so the club takes no money and spends no money.

His dream is to have the club members play at his favorite restaurant, Pietro 2.

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