Why Curtis Institute of Music is better than Juilliard


Kelly Sikkema

Alina Math, Classes & Clubs editor

Those who want to pursue music in the future have probably heard of The Juilliard School, but just because it’s better known doesn’t mean it’s the best and only choice for music schools. The school you’ve been waiting to hear about if you haven’t is Curtis Institute of Music.

The Curtis Institute of Music has so much to offer and is one of the most selective schools in the United States! Curtis is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and is a very small school with lots to offer. The school has 200 different orchestras, opera, chamber music programs, and many more different programs for musical talent.

The acceptance rate is pretty limited, with only about 4% of applicants accepted each year. The tuition for Curtis is probably the best part for some students because, in the Curtis Institute of Music’s words, “Since 1928, Curtis has maintained an all-scholarship policy. The Curtis Institute of Music provides merit-based, full-tuition scholarships to all undergraduate and graduate students, regardless of their financial situation.” (https://www.curtis.edu/admissions/financial-assistance/)

The faculty at The Curtis Institute of Music is mostly made up of performing artists, which could help out many students.

Juilliard and Curtis are both really good schools, but Juilliard is bigger and generally expensive while Curtis is small and free with a stipend, so either school would be a really good backup!

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