MVP lands the title for the second year


Kayla Aguarin

Kimmy Tiss , the MVP.

Arely Demetrio, Staff Writer

Kimmy Tiss has been in The Armijo Signal several times. When it comes to water sports, she has been the top choice, the top athlete in both water polo and swim. This year, she proved that by earning the Most Valuable Player (MVP) award for the women’s water polo team. It wasn’t just Armijo that saw her value. She’s made her legacy by being back-to-back All League MVP as well.
Tiss was convinced to get involved with water polo by her sister and mother. “My mom and sister have inspired me the most because they taught me to put in 100% on water polo every way,” said Tiss. She watched her sister play and her mother first convinced her to take up swimming, but she hated it by itself, so she chose to play water polo instead. Suddenly, all that time in the water was worthwhile. Once she started playing, she wanted to stick with it. What makes water polo different than swimming is the competitiveness and working with a team. She recognized that she is always learning something new when she is at practice or at games, whether from coaches, teammates or other players. However, she hates when coaches don’t coach. Water Polo is not a difficult sport to get into. “You don’t need anything to be accepted,” she said. “I had experience, but I also brought in a good attitude of being a team player.”
For the time she spent playing for Armijo, Tiss spent every day practicing, and her competitive spirit came out on game days Tuesdays and Thursdays. She also practiced and represented her club team every weekend. She started her high school career as a varsity player in her freshman year, but has been playing for ten years altogether.

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