Sibling spotlight: Sister, sister

Alaila Morris, Sports Editor

Although they were both named after areas in the middle of the country, Cheyenne and Dakota Shaver, a senior and a freshman, are basically living in two different worlds. “We do, but we don’t get along well and I feel like it’s because we don’t know each other on a different level,” said Cheyenne, “only on a sibling level.”


The sisters have different perspectives on almost everything, including their experience with attending the same school. Dakota thinks it is horrible, but Cheyanne thinks it’s fun spending her last year with her little sister. Among other things, the time they leave for school in the morning is convenient.

Cheyenne said that her only dislikes about her sister is that “she doesn’t like to hug me and she’s so private about everything, although we can meet in the middle about certain things.”

Dakota thinks her older sister is annoying because she’s always snatching her food and waking her up early, but it is not all bad. “She’s the plug because she drives me places and keeps me motivated to be the best.”


Cheyenne is more into the arts and is interested in acting and improv, while Dakota is the athletic one who plays soccer and formerly cheers.

Even though they are like night and day, they both want a successful future. When Dakota graduates in 2023, she wants to go to Miami and study to become a dermatologist. Cheyenne, who graduates this June, said that she wants to attend any college that will accept her and her acting dream fresh out of high school.

Cheyanne wanted Dakota to know that she loves her and cares for her. “I’m always here for you, whenever you need me, little sister, she said.

Dakota simply said, “You owe me food.”

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