Selena Gomez hits #1 with Lose You to Love Me

An old picture of Selena Gomez.

An old picture of Selena Gomez.

Maya Sadler, Staff Writer

Selena Gomez has recently released her song Lose You to Love Me and it has already reached #1 on the Billboard Hot 100.

This is her first #1 song on the Billboard Hot 100, and it seems like everyone loves it! On top of that, this is Selena’s first song on her new album, also called Lose You to Love Me, which is her first album in four years!

The song is actually really good and deserves the hype it’s been getting. Also, the music video was pretty good. Selena Gomez said that the whole thing was filmed on an iPhone which is crazy!

Jimena Cruz, who hadn’t listened to Selena Gomez in a long time, watched Selena’s new music video. “The song was good,” she said. “I liked it.”

The song is an 8/10 and I can´t think of any criticism. Lose You to Love Me is honestly kind of underrated. I haven´t really heard of the song before… I give the music video 7/10 because it was a little weird. I would recommend the song to everyone.

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