Making money and having fun

Nick has his hand on the switch that bring rides to life.

ID Photo

Nick has his hand on the switch that bring rides to life.

Kayla Rhodes, People editor

While most people consider going to Six Flags in Vallejo to spend money and have fun, Nick Underwood goes there to work. This is his first job and he said that he likes it because he gets to work with kids. He also gets to work with at least one girl from Armijo, which makes it all seem closer to home.

Underwood is responsible for controlling rides at the park, and that gives him a chance to communicate with the little kids on the rides. Since they have to work with children, the employees are required to have interaction with people, and most definitely the children on the rides for the younger guests.

“The hardest part about working at Six Flags is when there are over about 38,000 people at the park,” he said. “Processing that in to rides can get pretty crazy.

Underwood works about 14 hours every weekend and enjoys seeing his paycheck with all those hours added up. Between working weekends and going to school on weekdays, he doesn’t really have time for anything else, but he hopes to eventually find a career in music.

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