In the water, Merodio is the most valuable


Kayla Aguarin

Alec keeps his eye on the ball, even when he doesn't keep his feet on the ground.

Alec Merodio has been on the varsity Water Polo team since he was a freshman and has spent a lot of time treading water. His skill led him to earn the Most Valuable Player (MVP) honor this year and, while it is technically one of the many sports offered at Armijo, to Merodio, it is so much more. “To me, water polo is a mixture of soccer and swimming and I really enjoy playing because it’s my chance to be competitive with others.”

Merodio is an intense student, but he is also an intense water polo player. He has goals set long before as he dives into the water. “My goal as soon as I hit the water is to WIN and have a great time!” he said.

As a senior, Merodio has played his last high school water polo game and now all he has are the memories. “I will miss the team bonding, going out to lunch or dinner after the tournaments, and most importantly, getting to play together with my team against the opponent,” he said.

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