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Hugh Naidoo

International Antibiotic Week 2019!

Jasmyne Murphy, Staff Writer

Modern people are very used to using antibiotics, but as the use of them becomes more popular, humans are becoming more and more resistant to their powers.

World Antibiotic Awareness Week is recognized November 18 24, when supporters hope to educate people about antibiotic resistance which occurs when bacteria changes in response to the use of medicine.

World Antibiotic Awareness Month began in 2015, when, at a May meeting, the World Health Assembly (WHO) recommended an education of the world to help ensure prevention and treatment of infectious diseases (”

Antibiotics are still fairly new and continue to be a growing science. In 1895 a paper was published a documented the antibacterial power of the mold. Sir William and Louis Pasteur both discovered modern antibiotics such as penicillin. Pasteur’s methods are still used to keep milk fresh, or “pasteurized” so that it remains healthful for human consumption.

In 1928, studies were done to prove that the existence of certain molecules produced by mold stop the growth of any bacteria. This study helped develop modern day medicines that fight disease.

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