Recent Events Bring Light to the Need for the Elimination of Violence Against Women


Priscilla Du Preez

Three women having each other's backs.

Jolette Villasenor, Staff Writer

On November 5, when three women and six children were massacred in Mexico (see, the necessity for recognizing the International Day of Eliminating Violence against Women became starkly apparent.

This day, which is commemorated on November 25, was introduced in 1981 by Latin American activists, but it was not officially recognized by the United Nations until December 17, 1999.

The discussion was started by the Latin Americans and the Caribbean Feminist Encuentros, who thought that women’s rights should be heard and that women shouldn’t have to suffer through any violence.

Nearly 20 years later, the United Nations TRUST Fund to end violence it is still managed by UNWomen.

The country Niger has the worst record for violence against women. According to a review on the Insider website, there are many girls married before 18 experiencing violence, lots of those girls are pregnant at a very young age. The International Day for Eliminating Violence against Women addresses sexual abuse, domestic violence, home violence, and any violence against women.

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