Drawing on her experience over the years


Liana shows off one of her accomplishments, Shrouded, at an art show in 2019.

Ever since she was a freshman, Liana Wong has been involved in clubs and sports at Armijo High School. She’s been part of the badminton team since her freshman year and will be playing as team captain this year as a senior. Her sophomore year was the year she participated on the Cross Country team.

My favorite memory about Armijo is meeting my friends, whom I will miss the most after high school,” Wong said. She also said that she was going to miss some of her teachers, especially those that she had for more than one class over the years.

If she could change anything about the campus before she left, she said that she would like to see a longer lunch period, perhaps 45 minutes. “It’s hard to hold productive club meetings with such little time,” she said. “Also, who wouldn’t want to enjoy their food longer?”

Her experiences at Armijo put her in a good position to give advice to students. If given the chance, she said that she would tell them to keep on top of their work whenever possible, so keep procrastination to a minimum (I know, its really hard). Don’t hesitate to ask questions to your teachers in order to make the best out of your education. Also, get outside of your comfort zone! It’s great to do it in high school to practice good life skills.

This advice will be something she tries to follow herself as she goes off to college. “I plan to go to UC Berkeley or UC San Diego as my top schools, though any UC works,” she said. I intend to major in civil engineering or architecture, which I hope to be my dream careers!

In her free time, she likes to draw. “Arts and crafts are my favorite hobbies,” she said. Last year, she won  Best in Show and first place in the Solano County Art fair for a sculpture entitled Shrouded” as well as the SafeQuest award at the event. (https://the-armijo-signal.com/11607/news/beyond/solano-county-art-faire-review/). She also likes to play the piano, garden and play badminton with her friends. 

Enjoy high school while it lasts,” said Wong. “I’ve learned a lot of life skills from the community here as well as the opportunities it provides, a lot can change in only four years!”

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