Boxing is a path to soccer success

Alaila Morris, Sports Editor

Moises Arellano is very active in and outside of school, but when he isn’t focused on playing soccer for Armijo High School, his main interest is boxing.

Arellano has been boxing for a year and a half and was inspired by a friend of his who recently became a professional boxer. “Another reason I did boxing is for self-defense and it helps me with my soccer skills, such as my agility,” he said. When he first started boxing,

Arellano said that it was hard to keep his stance and he was surprised with the amount of time he had to work out. Like other sports, it can be very tiring. Despite the challenges, though, Arellano highly recommends it.

He did admit, however, that boxing is only something he does to “pass the time” because his main passion is soccer.

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