A great way to end a mediocre season

Roman Mapanoo, Staff Writer

Islan Guevara was proud to be on the Armijo junior varsity (JV) football team, even though their final record was 3-7. He seemed very confident that the team was going to win their final game against Fairfield. “We’re going to slap them hard next Friday!” he said. The game, which was held on Friday, November 1, was just as glorious as he had expected, with the Armijo players – recently unofficially christened the Royals – beat the Falcons 54-12.
Guevara loves the team. Practice has been almost daily and he came home sweaty on a regular basis. His dad is proud that he is on the team, trying hard, but his mom, on the other hand, isn’t as proud as his dad.
After every win and every loss, the coaches feel the need to celebrate or mourn, depending on the outcome. The players, including Guevara, feel the same way. Guevara said that he highly recommends football for anyone who hasn’t anything to do.

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