Fairfield High hosts special soccer event

Soccer Ball


Soccer Ball

Christa DeLaTorre, Staff Writer

Nine elementary schools were represented at Fairfield High School on Friday, October 25, for a Special Olympics soccer event. The games began at 10 am and were over by 12:30 pm. This event is in its fifth year. “What’s great about this partnership with Special Olympics is that it’s a whole school program that is inclusive,” said Adaptive PE teacher Ms. Lynne Lee.
There were about 370 students in total. This event allowed general education students from those elementary schools to play alongside the special education students. The audience was made up primarily of students from Fairfield High School as well as local elementary schools including Laurel Creek.
Everyone at the event was a winner! Ribbons were handed out to every student participating. Much of the help for the event came from the leadership program at Fairfield High School.

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