Ria Patel and Aaliyah Glasper take Tennis 2k19


Kayla Aguarin

Two players playing tennis

Andrea Ponce Rodriguez, Staff Writer

Ria Patel & Aaliyah Glasper both love tennis and play it with a passion. This is important as they play as a doubles team. They work really well together and have a good partnership. Glasper has only been playing for a couple of years, and Patel only started playing a few years ago when she was twelve. They each started playing the sport for a different reason.

Glasper was always encouraged by her father to play tennis. He played tennis himself and hoped she would love the sport as much as he did. He was right and Glasper took to it easily. “It’s more than a sport; it’s like a hobby,” she said.

Patel’s family members have always been athletic and she decided that she had to play a sport to feel a greater connection to them. She didn’t like many of the other sports that involved a lot of running or great strength, but once she discovered tennis, she grew a passion for it. It was no longer something that felt “forced” but it was something she enjoyed.

Tennis has definitely changed the girls’ lives both physically and mentally. They see it as a way to relieve their stress and have fun at the same time. And as partners, the girls really enjoy each other’s company. As players, they balance each other’s strengths and weaknesses and come together really strong.

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