Winter Sports Try-outs begin Monday, November 4

These are the sports that are happening this winter

These are the sports that are happening this winter

Fernando Gonzalez Sandoval, Staff Writer

The fall sports are winding down, but the chance to be an athlete continues into the cooler days of winter. Because winter’s weather is less predictable than fall or spring, most sports of the season are played indoors and include Girls’ and Boys’ Basketball and Wrestling. However, Girls’ and Boys’ Soccer is also played during this season. Conditioning for basketball, whether for the boys’ varsity or junior teams or the girls’ varsity or junior varsity teams, began in the fall, and wrestling had pre-season training since September. Boys’ soccer hosted a meeting in October and a survey was sent out at the end of August for both boys’ and girls’ soccer. Still, the try-outs for the new season will not begin until Monday, November 4.

Student athletes who have not participated in a sport this year must complete a profile at as well as get a sports physical and impact testing before practice begins. Besides the physical requirements of the sport, the coaches will be looking for a number of other things including good behavior, good attendance and a minimum 2.0 grade point average. For some coaches, student athletes will also be judged based on their leadership skills and the consistency of their dressing out for PE.

For more information on a particular sport, contact the coach by visiting his or her classroom before or after school (where applicable) or by emailing him or her.

Boys’ Varsity Basketball Coach Christian Stoll [email protected] (Room E-6)

Boys’ JV Basketball Coach DJ Bowen [email protected] (Room T-6)

Girls’ Varsity Basketball Coach Brian Johnson [email protected]

Girls’ JV Basketball Coach Pierre Wallace [email protected]

Varsity Wrestling Coach Cesar Correa [email protected] (Room G-6)

JV Wrestling Coach Demarie Brown [email protected]

Boys’ Varsity Soccer Coach Megan Flores [email protected] (Gym)

Boys’ JV Soccer Coach Christian Diaz [email protected]

Girls’ Varsity Soccer Coach Regina McGee [email protected]

Girls’ JV Soccer Coach Sarah Campi [email protected]

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