Dress like a parfait, wear layers



A layered outfit for this weather.

Taya Gray , Staff Writer

Summer is over and winter is drawing near, but that doesn´t  mean we can’t still be in style. Whether it’s cold nights or days that start chilly and end hot, your outfit should not be a bummer.

Yes, it is hoodie season, but that doesn´t mean you can´t spice it up. Wearing a hoodie with a jean jacket over it can easily make you go from geek to sleek. Layering is important to protect you from the cold, but you can do it and still look fashionable. While you are layering, don´t mix patterns. You can easily slip and forget that you have on more than one pattern, but that´s just not it. Also DON”T wear summer clothes in the fall. This is a big no-no. It doesn’t matter what your weather app says, if it is fall, don’t go running around in a tank top and booty shorts. Just don’t!

Now, about shoes… don´t overthink it. Any boots will do: Uggs, Steve Maddens, Bear Paws, you name it. Nice brown booties would look good with light jeans and an ecru sweater. Winter is the best time to break out the light browns, adding class without the sass. Don´t forget to dress up your boots, or even your sneakers, with fuzzy socks. They’re not only cute, but cozy, too.

Gloves are a stretch at school, but we can make it work to keep off the morning chill. Matching is the most important thing when it comes to fashion. Solid easy to match colors will do but you don’t want to have pink gloves and your favorite tan shirt. Sorry, Honey, it just won´t match. Hair is a big factor, too. Messy buns are really great for winter and don’t forget a velvet scrunchie to accent your color choice below the neckline.

There´ s not a lot of accessories that you can wear when dressing down, but beanies and watches will bring out the fashion focus in a basic outfit. Even if you’re having a bad hair day and you just can´t do the messy bun, you can slap on a beanie. Make-up is an important part, too. Start with a natural look and add a little glitter to make your entire look sparkle. Be ready for the cooler weather with a fall look that is classy, not sassy.

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