Senior spotlight: Focused on friendship

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Senior spotlight: Focused on friendship

Arely Demetrio Palacios, Staff writer

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Joe Alcantar first stepped onto the Armijo High School campus as a freshman, with four
years ahead of him before graduation. Now, those four years are almost over and he’s
looking forward to a new start, a new school. One of his biggest gripes about being at
Armijo is that there are not enough water fountains. He said that, if he had a chance, he
would add more hydration stations for the students.
Alcanter plans to attend UC Davis in the fall because his family has encouraged him to
go to college, but he has spent the last few years doing a few other things that inspire
him as well. He likes to play sports like basketball and he has also tried out for football.
He also has hobbies. He watches anime, works out, plays video games and likes to eat.
He’ll be able to do all of those things after he leaves Armijo, but there is one thing he will
miss. It will be hard to spend time with his friends the way he has been able to as an
Armijo student, so he shared this advice to new students who might not know how to be
prepared for the upcoming school years. “Be nice,” he said. “Make friends and have

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