Super Band lives up to their name at SC Band Review

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Super Band lives up to their name at SC Band Review

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On Saturday, October 19, the Armijo Super Band went to the Santa Cruz Band Review and competed against 55 other bands. Armijo won the division 1st place 3A with the 3rd highest score of the day. “I couldn’t be more proud of our kids! The judges complimented them for the vast improvement from our first competition to today’s competition,” said band teacher Ms. Louise Jacob.

Colorguard won 1st place in the division and had the second highest score of the day!

“We may be a small ensemble compared to the others but as I tell the kids it’s not the quantity, it’s the quality!” said Ms. Jacob. “One of the judges found me and said that I’m nothing less than a miracle worker and I hope everyone realizes how lucky these kids are to have you.  It’s easy to make a good band sound great but it’s amazing how you take these kids and make them sound amazing.

“Today was filled with blessing and moments of celebrating what is right. I will leave you with a conversation with one of my students.

Student: Miss J thank you for making my dream come true.

Me: What dream did I make come true?

Student: Coming to Santa Cruz, seeing the ocean, playing on the beach and being part of my new band family.”

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