Starry Night provides a winning end to Homecoming festivities

The Homecoming Dance earned its name from this famous Van Gogh painting.


The Homecoming Dance earned its name from this famous Van Gogh painting.

Morgan Irwin, Staff writer

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With a theme of Starry Night, the Homecoming Dance was a night to remember. A crowd of 630 students attended the event.

Entry was quick and easy, students only needed their IDs, and it took less than five minutes to get through the doors.

The photo booth was a nice way to encapsulate the night, allowing students to get high quality photos with ease, capturing all kinds of moments from having fun with friends to sharing a flick with your special someone.

“Homecoming was way better this year,” Ashlee Gutierrez said. “The vibes were unmatched.”

“I’m sad that it’s over,” said Ava Verador. “I have to do some research to practice my dance moves for the next dance!”

Throughout the night, many songs popped off, hyping up Armijo students and their guests, creating an environment that easily got anyone excited. The crowd was lively and overall enjoying themselves. Decorations, the playlist, and other quirks of the dance are just additives to the experience. All of those things helped put everyone in a good mood and let the students focus on their own experience. Leadership did a fantastic job creating this year’s Homecoming festivities and the Starry Night was the perfect end to the event.


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