Teacher feature: In the scientific community


Kayla Aguarin

Mr. Martinez has served in many roles before coming to Armijo.

Alaina Guerrero, Staff writer

Mr. Andrew Martinez has been teaching science for eight years, but only half of that time has been at Armijo.

Before becoming a teacher, he worked in a lot of adventurous and fun jobs. He used to work at the Oakland Zoo, studying science. Before that, he worked at the Sacramento Zoo doing animal care. He has also worked with autistic kids. He did a lot with them, helping them learn and grow. He also used to drive buses around his college.

That college was UC Davis, where he got a degree in entomology, the study of insects including honey bees.

Mr. Martinez was part of the marching band when he was a student. He was actually in charge of the marching band, and now he is involved in many areas at Armijo. ”Armijo is really fun and the students are great, he said.

When he is not at school, he likes to rock climb, cook, play with his dog, play video games, and watch television. Who knew a teacher could have such diverse interests?

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