Where do the real artists shop for supplies?


Photo by Sara Williams from Burst

Painting, drawing or sculpture - artists have their favorite sources.

Jolette Villasenor, Staff writer

Have you ever wondered where people buy their art supplies? Locally, there are a few favorite places, depending on the artist’s level of skill and financial situation.

Michaels, Walmart, and Barnes & Noble are the three most popular locations to build a collection of supplies. Michaels has many options for those who are crafty, working on an important project or planning to make a gift. The materials there are more expensive, but they are also good quality and easier to work with.

For the more casual artist, many students recommend Walmart for supplies. The quality is still there, for those willing to look, but the price is definitely a better deal than purchasing things at Michaels. Walmart has some good brands that will work just like Micheals and might even cost you less than at Micheals.

Barnes & Noble has kits, for artists who like to start with all the necessary materials, and they are also a good location to purchase art books that might provide guidance to those learning and growing in their artistic endeavors. For general supplies, though, the other two locations are a much better choice.

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